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“Belshina” promotes its goods at Canadian market

“Belshina” OJSC will promote its goods at Canadian market. According to the source, the business house “Beltyre” of “Belshina” in Latvia has opened its trade delegates in Vancouver (Canada). The trade delegates are expected to bring the company’s products nearer to customers and to increase sales in Canada. There is also a target to provide Canadian market with a full range of tires.

Today the trade and production net of “Belshina” includes 20 trade companies in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, Africa. In the second quarter of 2009 the enterprise is planning to enter Latin America market and to open the trade delegates in Chili.

“Belshina” OJSC is one of the largest tyre producing enterprises in Europe. It produces over 200 types of tyre for cars, lorries, trucks, road-building machines and cranes, electric transport, buses, tractors, agriculture machines.


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