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Belynichi district to breed market trout

Trout farm construction began on the river of Vabich in Belynichi district. The information is provided by the director general of JSC “Holding “Mogilevvodstroi” Alexander Morozov.

The project involves two stages. The first one is construction of the trout farm “Vabich” with a capacity of 20 tons of fish a year. The second stage includes creating a pond for sports fishing. Two objects will be put into operation in the first half of 2011. By the end of 2011 a new agro-eco-tourism complex will appear here: an agritownship with 10 cottages and leisure activity infrastructure, a café, sports grounds, a well-equipped beach, parking.

The project was initiated by JSC “PMK-83 Vodstroi” which is a part of JSC “Holding “Mogilevvodstroi”. The cost of the project is over Вr8.7 bln, and a pay-off period will make 5 years.

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