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Biathlonist Sergey Novikov won a silver medal in Vancouver

Biathlonist Sergey Novikov won a silver medal in Vancouver. He shared the silver medal in personal 20-kilometre race with a famous Norwegian Ole Einar Bjørndalen. Nobody expected such a success. Sergey was only the ninth in the season of 2008/09 in Oberhof.

88 sportsmen started the race. Sergey accurately hit all the marks. But Emil Hegle Svendsen from Norway was the first in the race that day. Sergey was only 9.5 sec behind. Petr Rudnik, the head of Mogilev regional executive Committee, congratulated Sergey Novikov: “For the first time a sportsman from Mogilev region got a medal in this sport in the Olympics. Sergey showed his strong will and high professional skills. I wish you health, luck, new achievements. Mogilev region congratulates the National Team from Belarus with a silver medal and a bronze one at the XXI Winter Olympics in Vancouver. I am sure our sportsmen will have even more success!”

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