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Blocks of flats with defaulted term of commission will be completed within first six months of 2013

Mogilev region’s blocks of flats with defaulted term of commission will be completed within the first six months of 2013, the head of housing construction and infrastructure committee of architecture and construction of Mogilev region executive committee Vladimir Golubev told. By 1 January, 2013 there were 41 such blocks of flats; so far, 13 of them have been commissioned, and the rest 28 must be commissioned by the end of the month. According to the decision of Mogilev region executive committee, persons in charge from the local administration have been assigned to every dwelling to monitor the process.

“Commissioning 600,000 sq.m.is this year’s task for the region; all respective authorities, starting from local bodies of government to construction organizations and designing institutes aim at fulfilling the task. As much as 50% of it must be completed by the end of the first half-year”, Vladimir Golubev stressed.

According to the information provided by the committee head, within the six months of 2013 housing cost for people on the waiting list for receiving state support for improving their housing conditions in Mogilev region was the lowest in the Republic. “Last year it made up Br3.5 mln per 1 sq.m., and corresponded with the cost level having been set by the head of the state. This year it’s slightly above Br 4 mln, while the republic’s average housing cost is more than 4.5 mln.”

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