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Bobruisk Machine-Building Plant (Mogilev Region) exported $5.7 million worth of centrifugal pumps and complete parts in the five-month period, which is 23% up on the year.

The CIS market claims up to 80% of the company’s exports.

Bobruisk Machine-Building Plant exports its products to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Greece, Algiers, Macedonia, Hungary and Poland.

The home market eats up 15% of commodities produced.

In January-May 2007 the company produced BYR 13.5 billion worth of commodities, 16.1% up on the year. The value of consumer goods produced stands grew 7.3%.

Bobruisk Machine-Building Plant has been specialising in the production of rotary pumps since 1951. The range includes 130 varieties of pumps, which standards correspond to the modern requirements in pump building. The flagships of the company are devices pumping oil, oil products and liquefied gases, sewage liquids, abrasive hydro mixtures and pure water. Their capacity varies from 6 cubic meters to 6,000 cubic meters. Besides, the plant manufactures cast-iron connective shaped parts for sluices, gullies, etc.

The produce meets the requirements of the Russian Federation standards and standards ISO 9000-2000.

Bobruisk Machine-Building Plant is a member of the Russian Association of Pump Producers belonging to a similar European association.

The company was established in 1898, privatised in 2003. The staff counts 1,400 people.

Currently, the enterprise is modernising the range of pumps produced, which would increase their life by 20% and improve the working qualities.

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