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Bobruisk town beach to become centre of health, sports and entertainment on July 3

It has become a matter of tradition to hold the festival of health, sports and entertainment at the town beach of Bobruisk; on July 3 it is held for the forth time.

The public may participate in different contests, including “beach gates”, mobile phones throwing, “Bobruisk wood-cutter master”, “Bobruisk superman”; “Eva” fitness club presents aerobics show and master class.

Sports competitions (beach football third tournament, mini-football forth tournament) start at 10 a.m. The opening ceremony is started later, on arriving Neptune escorted by his retinue.

Everyone is offered to have medical examination, reflexo-therapy, mud-therapy, as well as to be weighed, etc. at a mobile hospital.
Sports-game ground with side-shows and attractions, bicycle renting, horse riding, etc. is organized for children. Weight lifting, streetball, tug of war, canoe race, etc. is to attract adults.

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