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Bobruiskagromash UE (Mogilev Region), one of Belarus’ leading producers of farming machinery, has shipped a 100-unit batch of semitrailers for dump trucks, vice chief of the company’s marketing department Vasily Tsarik told Interfax.

During Agrotech Astana 2007 exhibition of agricultural machinery Bobruiskagromash signed a contract with Kazakh APK-Invest for the delivery of 50 dump track semitrailers with a capacity of 9.5 tonnes, the source specified.

The company’s pickup presses received a gold medal at the exhibition, he added.

During the exhibition the company signed five co-operation contracts. Besides, more contracts are expected to be concluded in the near future.

According to the source, Kazakhstan is the third largest importer of Bobruiskagromash machinery. Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan purchase 90% of farming machinery made by Bobruiskagromash.

Bobruiskagromash was founded in 1974. Currently, it produces over 40 kinds of agricultural machines and aggregates for land cultivation and fodder processing.

The company also produces consumer goods, including car trailers, furniture accessories, school furniture, boilers.

The company employs around 2,500 people.

The enterprises prioritises quality and holds an ISO-9000-2001 quality management certificate.

In January-May 2007 the company boosted industrial output by 17.1% in value terms to reach BYR 37.5 billion. Consumer goods output grew 109.8%.

Farming machinery exports grew by twofold to exceed $10 million.

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