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“Bobruiskagromash” mastered production of a modernized flax baler

“Bobruiskagromash” mastered production of a modernized flax baler. The baler is provided with an open-type changeable compression box and is supposed to pick up flax, to press it into rolls and to wind them with thread. Unlike its analog (PRL-150) a new model improves fiber density.

A modernized flax baler is equipped with a command information system to manage, to set up and to control a number of constants: process speed of a flax baler, linear speed of bales, balance of process speed of a flax baler and linear speed of bales (compression), final time of rolling.
According to specialists, these innovations simplify the work and make it more comfortable. At the same time it improves quality of work, productivity making flax less damaged. The flax baler was tested and got only favourable references.

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