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"BobruiskAgroMash" thrice wins the golden medal at the agricultural exhibition in Serbia

The machinery of OJC "BobruiskAgroMash" wins the golden medal at international agricultural exhibition in Novy Sad (Serbia), - tells Vasily Tsarick, the deputy chairman of marketing department of the plant.

It is the machine for applying liquid organic fertilizers (МЖТ-6) that got the golden medal. This for the third time when "BobruiskAgroMash" machinery has got the golden medal at this exhibition: in 2007 - 2008 baler ПРС-145 and rouleau mincer ИРК-145 were awarded the same rewards. Bobruiskmachine builders presented exposition of agricultural machinery together with its Serbian dealer - Yubel compony. Before the year 2009 stern storage machinery prevailed, but this year machines for applying liquid and solid organic fertilizers were exposed for the first time.

The both machines for applying organic fertilizers were highly evaluated by consumers from Serbia and other countries. They were purchased during the exhibition, and the plant got several orders for producing at least 10 more items of different kinds of machinery for Serbian and other Balkan buyers.


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