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BRU lyceum team to win international contest of internet-projects

One of business projects presented by the 11 “D” form students of the Lyceum of Belarusian-Russian University won the international contest of internet-projects that was held by Yaroslavl centre of telecommunications and information systems in the sphere of education.

Igor Odintsov, Tatsiana Zmyatina, Maria Kudrevich, Natalia Khlystova, Evgeniy Shabynin guided by their teacher of chemistry Maria Barsukova thoroughly prepared to the contest. Belarusian team suggested the jury to produce lacquers, glues, plastics, and veneers that is of current importance for chemical industry both of Belarus and Russia.

Maria Barsukova stressed that such projects help students understand the way of using knowledge in chemistry in real life. Besides, the way of production suggested by the students of lyceum is wasteless. Altogether 1183 teams from different parts of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus participated in the contest.

According to the head master of the lyceum Igor Golikov the students and teachers of the lyceum not just take active part in internet-contests, but win them. There is a special wall in the head master’s office for hanging students’ diplomas up. “It still has space but we hope to occupy it soon”.

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