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The Buinichi height

Students of Mogilev state vocational agro and forestry engineering college named after Orlovsky restored the fascist fortification seized by the Red Army soldiers in the summer 1944 which cut off the fascists’ path of retreat. Due to this heroic deed Mogilev was liberated from the fascists.

June 27 1944 by the village of Buinichi the group of 6 soldiers headed by Ivan Melnikov were going across the Dnepr but were detected by the enemy. Under an intense fire they forced the river, destroyed fascists’ weapon emplacements and seized the springboard.

Georgy Malinovsky, director of the vocational college says that in 1941 it took fascists 23 days to seize Mogilev. And it took the group of 6 soldiers headed by Ivan Melnikov 23 hours to seize the enemy’s fortification. Their heroic deed made it possible to close the circle around Mogilev and cut off the fascists’ path of retreat. Having restored the fortification we wanted to prove courage of the Soviet Army soldiers that helped them to achieve the impossible.

According to Nikolai Borisenko, a historian, this heroic deed cut a strategically important road leading to Zhlobin. The enemies did not have any chances to escape. 3.5 thousand fascists were captured.

August 2014 began restoration of the fortification construction: trenches, dug-outs, shelters, towers, guns. The stories told by the local residents were of great assistance to make the restored object historically real. The work was done by the students of the college headed by Victor Kutsepapov who is very proud of the fact that the youth took an active part in restoration.  

The Forestry Ministry provided the free timber. ODO Votokan assisted the college in launching the Fame Alley with the names of those who liberated Mogilev. The restoration works continue.

In Georgy Malinovsky’s words, every year on May 9 the students of the college take part in dramatization of the heroic deed performed by the group of 6 soldiers. 3 student groups cross the Dnepr and clear the height. The college is going to shoot a film about the events. 

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