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Burial place of Russian soldiers of 1812 found at Saltanovka

A burial place of the Russian soldiers perished in the patriotic war of 1812 was found at Saltanovka village, Mogilev district.  Local people found buttons from the ammunition, and a piece of an overcoat where one can see St.George Ribbon. The excavations will be coordinated by the Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Historians suggest, that the things were likely to belong to two soldiers who died on June 11, 1812, the day when the famous fight between General Raevsky's 7th infantry corps and General Davout's 1st corps.  

By the way, this is the second burial place having been found in Mogilev region.  The remains of three Russian soldiers of the Napoleonic time were found in the same forests in 2012. Later on they were re-buried at Saltanovka chapel.  


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