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Bykhov Cannery OJSC has launched a BYR 30 billion worth modernisation campaign, Director Sergey Perekhod told Interfax.

The company is planning to restore and re-equip most of its production facilities and build a new procession shop.

The upgrading program will increase the annual capacity of the cannery 1.8-fold, bringing it to 22 million equivalent cans, the source informed.

The program will be funded by Belarusbank, Mogilev Region Administration and the company itself.

Currently Bykhov Cannery produces over 80 kinds of canned food, including juices, jams, drinks, meat, vegetables, pickles.

In January-August 2007 the company produced BYR 3.8 billion worth of goods, or 21.1% up on the year. Over the period in question the company put out 6.4 million equivalent cans of fruit and vegetables (15.2% up).

70% of the output was exported to Russia and Armenia.

Bykhov Cannery was founded in 1954. It was incorporated in 2001. The company employs 90 people.


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