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Bykhov cannery vegetable drying plant is to double birch sap production in 2009

OJSC "Bykhov cannery vegetable drying plant" is planning to process 1 thousand tons of birch sap, which means to double last year's results, told the managing director of the company, Oleg Lachev.

By April, 13 the company had already processed 697 tons of birch sap. The sap is filled into 0,95-liter "twist-off" jar packaging, 0,75- liter bottle packaging, and 3-liter jar packaging. The majority of the produced birch sap is going to be sold in Belarus, the rest - in the Russian Federation. At the moment the negotiations with the companies of Moscowand St-Petersburg are being held. On completing birch sap processing the plant is to produce 302 thousand tons of pickled beetroot for St-Petersburg. There is also a plan to produce and pack rassolnik (meat or fish soup with salted cucumbers), borsch, and apple jam.


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