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Bykhov castle and dairy farms to become youth’s construction sites

The Bykhov castle and dairy farms will become youth’s construction sites. The information is provided by the head of the regional youth’s department Irina Dorofeeva.

May-mid July the students of the Archeology and Special History Sciences Department of Mogilev State Kuleshov University together with Igor Marzalyuk, the Doctor of History, Professor, will restore the fragments of the Bykhov castle. By now the students have already cleared up the basement of one tower. Two towers are supposed to be restored by the Written Language Day. Some artifacts have already been found – cannonballs dated by the Northern War, coins, ceramics. The young people have already made the excavation of 20х24m by the entrance gates. Mid-May will continue restoration works.

Dairy farms will also attract a great number of young people. At the beginning of May two students’ groups started working in Glusk and Mogilev districts. The summer 2013 will construct 125 dairy farms.

Besides that, students will also be involved in agriculture, teaching, service and ecology work. According to Irina Dorofeeva, the students’ movement is strengthening year by year. In 2010 Mogilev region had 139 students’ groups uniting 2.4 thousand young people willing to assist on construction sites. In 2012 the number made 435 groups with 8.8 thousand young people. By now there are 6.5 job vacancies for young people. The list will soon be filled up with more applications from enterprises and organizations in demand for labour force.

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