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Bykhov district – leader in developing agri- and ecotourism

Bykhov district considered to be the leader in developing agri- and ecotourism, - Victor Stepanov, deputy chairman of physical culture, sports and tourism department of Mogilev regional executive committee, informs.

According to Victor Stepanov, there are 10 farmsteads in the district, 5 more are been con-structed; the total number of farmsteads of agri- and ecotourism in the district is 44. Rapid development owes to support of district administration and favourable natural description for agricultural tourism. Belarusian and foreign tourists are attracted by the unique natural landscapes, facilities for fishing, hunting, and famous Belarusian hospitality. Among the most popular farmsteads are “Gostinny dvor” and “Peschany bereg”.


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