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Bykhov district to host “Kladez” Orthodox Culture Festival on July 20-25

On July 20-25, Bykhov district hosts “Kladez” Orthodox Culture Festival, - ideological work department of the district executive committee informs.

On July 20, a social project “Business in a good cause of Motherland” opens the festival. Then follows a documentary “In a good cause of Motherland” (dedicated to charity activities of the Russian merchants) and its discussion by businessmen, heads of enterprises, local administration, and clergymen.

The agenda of the festival includes: opening of modern iconography exhibition and a master-class in iconography, “Batleika” puppet theatre performance, thanksgiving services, topical discussions, concert, and presentation of the project “Common matter” (dedicated to preventing alcoholism) at town enterprises.

Two religious processions that are to pass over Mogilev region ad honorem Barkolabovskaya Blessed Virgin Icon. On July 24, the procession will arrive at Bykhov, and on July 25, the icon will be solemnly brought from Saint Trinity Cathedral (Bykhov) to Saint Ascension (Svyato-Voznesenski) nunnery (Barkolabovo village) – the place of its original location.

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