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Bykhov enterprise “Agrolink” made a large contract to deliver incubatory eggs to Russia

Bykhov enterprise “Agrolink” made a large contract to deliver incubatory eggs to Russia. The information is provided by Alexander Zakharevich, the director of the enterprise.

“It is the first step of the enterprise at the foreign market. The company started exporting eggs in October and by January,1 2010 1 mln eggs are to be delivered to Russian consumers. The quality of the product by “Agrolink” corresponds to European standards. The product is also price competitive and satisfies Russian partners,” - Alexander Zakharevich said. According to him, the enterprise also got some cooperation proposals made by Russian companies. Soon the export of breeding incubatory eggs will make a serious increase.

Bykhov enterprise “Agrolink” uses the best production technologies. “Agrolink” buys twenty-four hour young growth at the breeding plants in the Netherlands, Germany, and Finland. The enterprise holds parent pickings four times a year. For reproduction only the best hens are selected. For incubation the eggs from meat-type hens of 7-14 months old are used.

In Alexander Zakharevich’s words, the process which includes buying young growth, production of incubatory eggs, and delivery of twenty-four hour chicks to the poultry factory is under strict control. It guarantees high quality and stability.

“Agrolink” Enterprise was founded in 2004. It specializes in breeding hens of parental stock to produce incubatory eggs and twenty-four hour meat-type chicks. In January-October 2010 the enterprise’s rates of production growth made 120% to the same period of 2009.

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