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Bykhov tinned food factory to export 60 tones of its production to the USA during current year

OJSC “Bykhov tinned food factory” will export 60 tones of its production to the USA during the current year, - the director of the plant Sergei Gromyko told.

So far exports to the USA were not large, mostly canned tomatoes, pickles, birch sap. But as long as cooperation with the American partners is becoming long-term, exports to the USA are increasing. 40 tones of cannery has already been delivered to the USA, and 20 tones more will have been delivered by the end of the year. “We are doing our best to become the part of this promising market”, - the director stressed. It will promote exports diversification. There is a high level of competition both at the Belarusian and American markets.

Besides, after a large-scale two-year modernization in 2007 - 2008, when manufacturing practically stopped, the enterprise has had to look for new markets. “We aim at market expansion. Naturally, first of all we count on the states of the former USSR. Much export is done to different regions of Russia (including Moscow and Saint-Petersburg), Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Poland”, - Sergei Gromyko added.

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