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Bykhovmoloko OJSC (Mogilev Region) increased exports 1.9-fold on the year in January-September 2007, company representatives told Interfax.

Most of the rise falls on dry skimmed milk, the source reported.

Over the period in question the company invested BYR 700 million in upgrading.

Bykhovmoloko OJSC has been trading in butter and dry skimmed milk on the home market (Bykhov and the district) and abroad (in Russia) since 1996. The company also offers other milk products such as milk, kefir, cream, curds, yoghurts Krepyshok (healthy kid). The company makes BYR 2 billion worth of goods monthly. 90% of the output is exported.

At present the company offers 5 kinds of butter such as Krestyanskoye (peasant's), combined cream and vegetable oil Domashneye (home-made), two kinds of Derevenskoye (cottage) as well as Shokoladnoye (chocolate). The butter is packed as bricks and in plastic containers.

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