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"Choose the film of the city" cinema action has its results

Mogilevstate enterprise "Kinovideoprokat" announced the results of the cinema action "Choose the film of the city". "It's a good and useful practice, its results are taken into account while planning the repertoire of local cinemas", the correspondent of the site was told about it at the repertoire planning department of the enterprise.

Animated cartoons have been on at the cinemas lately. They are very popular with children and adults. The leaders of the action became the films "Up" (the USA, 2009), "Ice Age-3:Dawn of the Dinosaurs" (the USA, 2009).

The second place was given to a twelve-million budget film "Way" by Vladimir Pasichnic, Russian director. The third place was taken by two films: the thriller "Angels and Demons" (the USA, 2009) - the sequel of "The Da Vinci Code", and "X-Men: Origins. Wolverine" (the USA, 2009). The films that became winners of the cinema action will soon be shown at local cinemas.

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