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CIS observers start working today in Mogilev region

CIS observers start working today in Mogilev region. According to one of its representatives, deputy director of the CIS Executive Committee Department Yuri Kulakovski, 38 observers from the CIS countries have already been accredited. In general, 45 long-term observers are to be accredited from the CIS countries, The Parliament Assembly of Belarus and Russia Union State, as well as representatives of diplomatic missions of the CIS countries.

So far three long-term observers have been accredited in Mogilev region; they will attend territorial election committee, meet with representatives of assentors, electorate, etc.

According to Yuri Kulakovski, within the next few days they will visit Bobruisk town, Kirovsk town, Osipovichi town, Mogilev and Bobruisk districts.
“The monitoring reveals that Belarus establishes all necessary political and technical-organizational conditions for observers’ unimpeded work. Representatives of executive authorities, participants of election campaign are open before the public, they are eager to present the observers with all information needed”, - Yuri Kulakovski remarked.

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