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A citizen from Mogilev district poisoned herself with mushrooms

A citizen from Mogilev district poisoned herself with mushrooms. The information is provided by the Information and Public Relations Department of the Internal Affairs Office of Mogilev Region Executive Committee.

September,9 a fifty-one year old unconscious woman was taken to the reanimation division of Mogilev Regional Hospital. Mushroom poisoning was a preliminary diagnosis. The doctors did everything possible to save her life, but the woman died without regaining consciousness.
According to the information provided by Mogilev Regional Centre of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health, if the diagnosis is correct it will be the first death caused by mushroom poisoning this year. In general 12 cases of mushroom poisoning have been registered in Mogilev region this year. 13 persons suffered. Mogilev and Mogilev region take the first place in mushroom poisoning. The russule and the umbel have proved to be the most dangerous mushrooms (4 poisoning accidents per each of them).


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