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Club of parents-tutors of family type children houses in Mogilev region

Club of parents-tutors of family type children houses that have existed in Mogilev region for a year, will hold the next sitting in September, 2009. The club headed by Irina Kuskova, is aimed at psychological-pedagogical and juridical informing of parents that become tutors in family type children houses.

At present the club comprises 29 family type children houses where 242 children are cared about. 22-23 couples attend each sitting that are held in different districts of the region. For ex., Mogilev, Bobruisk, Osipovichi districts and Bykhov and Shklov had sittings on children’s deviant behaviour, fathers’ role in working education, gender education, etc. The sitting on “Person’s working education” will be held in September in Leninsky district of Bobruisk.

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