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Competition among local election candidates in Mogilev region at 1.9

Competition among local election candidates of the 27th convocation in Mogilev region is at 1.9. It proves high political activity of Mogilev region’s residents. The information is provided by Valery Berestov, the chairman of the regional election committee, at the press conference.

According to Valery Berestov, 5,182 candidates were nominated for 2,693 delegates’ mandates. After monitoring correspondence of candidates’ nomination to the Election Code and checking authenticity of the provided information 5,120 candidates were registered. 22 prospective candidates cancelled their applications. 40 prospective candidates were refused in registration.

The main reasons for refusals were: the number of unauthentic signatures in signature lists exceeded 15% to the total number of the checked signatures; the provided income and property declarations contained the information contradicting a real situation.

Most candidates (64.5%) were nominated by means of signature collection. 35.1% were nominated by labour collectives. 94 candidates were nominated by political parties including 50 candidates nominated by the Communist party of Belarus.

Women make up over 51.4% of the candidates; people under 30 account for 6.6%; Russian nationals – 12 candidates.

As far as the occupation of the candidates is concerned, most of them are engaged in education, science, culture and healthcare (28.6%) and agriculture (26%). 8.6% are engaged in industry, construction, transport. Representatives of state authorities make up 8.7%.

In Mogilev region is to elect 2,693 delegates of local councils including 58 – to the regional council, 731 – to the district councils, 80 – to the town councils, 1,824 – to the village councils.

The toughest competition is to the regional and town councils (Mogilev, Bobruisk) – 2.4 candidates. The competition to the district councils makes – candidates, to the vollage ones – 1.8 candidates.

Valery Berestov says that the election campaign in Mogilev region is running smoothly and according to the election law and the plan affirmed by the Central Election Committee.

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