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Confucius class to study Chinese opens in Gymnasium №3 in Mogilev

Confucius class to study Chinese opened in Gymnasium №3 in Mogilev. For two years the students of the gymnasium have been studying Chinese. The interest to the language, history and culture of the country is really big. Classes are attended by almost 200 students. Many of them are going to enter the Linguistic University to continue the studies.

Having opened the Confucius class Gymnasium №3 joins the international project – the global net of Confucius institutes all over the world. It gives an opportunity to study Chinese with the native-speakers, an access to modern books, international education and culture projects.

Belarus and China are developing their relations in different areas. One of the examples is the construction of the industrial park “The Great Rock” and arrival of Chinese business and investments in Belarus. The fact proves the importance of Chinese in future.

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