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Congratulations of P.M. Rudnick on the Defenders and the Armed Forces Day

Dear veterans, soldiers, army officers, and future warriors!

On behalf of Mogilev regional executive committee I sincerely congratulate you on the Defenders and the Armed Forces Day!
This is a real national holiday, the day of soldiers' glory that symbolizes adherence to military duty and oath.

To preserve the territorial unity and sovereignty of our country we are to have modern army, the newest armament, and highly qualified professional staff. During the period of independence the Republic of Belarus has managed to create mobile, well-equipped and trained armed forces that are able to resist any aggressor. Mogilev region disposing more than ten different military units makes an important contribution to maintaining alertness.

The citizens of our city honour the battle traditions of our ancestors whose names have been inscribed into the history with golden letters. Today the soldiers and army officers of our armed forces serve uneasy military duty under their banners, being adherent to the Motherland, ideals of goodness & justice, and following the heroic examples of the Great Patriotic War veterans and soldiers-internationalists.

Wishing the sound health, peace and prosperity

The chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee

Peter Rudnick

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