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Considerable improvements in social sphere of Mogilev region

At the beginning of September the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus Marianne Shchiotkina visited “Kamenski psychoneurologic hospital” and “Territorial centre of social protection of Pervomaiski district of Bobruisk town”, - the correspondent of the site was told by the head of labour, employment and social protection management department of Mogilev regional executive committee Svetlana Tarasenko. 

Щеткина М.А. знакомится с творчеством<br />
художника – самоучки в  Каменском доме-интернате.

Mogilev region has been doing much to improve running and functioning of social sphere institutions, Svetlana Tarasenko added.

На территории  ГУСО «Каменский<br />
психоневрологический дом-интернат»»

Nine social sphere institutions of both general and psychoneurologic type for the elderly and disabled, including “Vesnovsky boarding school for the disabled children”, work efficiently. Much work has been done recently to reconstruct living quarters and equip premises with modern amenities.

На территории  ГУСО «Каменский психоневрологический дом-интернат»

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