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Construction, an agrarian sector, salary are the main issues of the regional authorities this week

This time a regular planning meeting of the chief of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Petr Rudnik lasted about 20 minutes. It was enough to outline main courses of the region’s administration work for the week. Construction, an agrarian sector, salary are the main issues of the following seven days.

The planning meeting began with a question of preparation for the IV National Assembly. 350 persons will represent Mogilev region there. They will be the best representatives of the region. Petr Rudnik suggested sending officials to take part in the Assembly, but only the best of them.

The issue of salary was paid much attention to. Yesterday was the final salary pay day. By October, 25 only two spheres of region’s economy owed their employees: agribusiness and housing and utilities industry. By the end of the week there should not be enterprises with salaries less than $250. At present there are 9 organizations with salaries under $250: Shklov district (1), Osipovichi district (1), Bobruisk (7). Petr Rudnik criticized the policy of the organizations and demanded to change the situation immediately.

One more instruction of the head of Mogilev region dealt with beetroot harvesting: it is to be finished by November, 1 (over the republic November, 5 is a final beetroot harvesting day). In Petr Rudnik’s words, the region has to reject the practice of keeping potato in clamps. It is necessary to get ready with vegetable storage facilities. Seed potatoes are also an important question to consider in order to be ready for spring.

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