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A criminal who attacked a bishop in Mogilev is registered at the psychiatric hospital

A criminal who attacked the bishop of Mogilev and Mstislavl Sofrony is registered at Mogilev Regional psychiatric hospital. The information is provided by Roman Posohov, the head of the Internal Affairs Department of Information and Public Relations of Mogilev Region Administration.

The bishop was attacked in the Cathedral of Tryoh Svyatitelei on August,23. He was knifed several times.

When the bishop turned round to give his blessing to parishioners a man came up to him and stabbed the bishop's stomach with a knife, cut his veins while a bishop was trying to protect himself. Sofrony was immediately taken to hospital and performed an operation on. The bishop is in a reanimation department of the hospital now. The operation was a success and his life is out of danger.

The criminal was detained by parishioners.


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