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Cucumbers of this year's harvest are sold in Mogilev shops

The greenhouses of agricommercial enterprise “Dnieper” (Mogilev district) has grown more than 1 thous. kg of cucumbers of this year's first harvest and supplied shops with them. The area of soil left for growing cucumbers is about 3 ha. 1140 tones of vegetables is to be grown in total, i.e. 10 % more then in previous year due to optimization and increase in labour productivity, as well as to high technology application – remarked the specialists. It is supposed to gather not less than 38 kg of vegetables per sq. m.

The harvest of tomatoes is supposed to increase significantly. New greenhouses in power-saving mode that were constructed in 2006 are to provide the harvest of not less than 45 kg per sq. m. Gathering cucumbers in large quantities is to start a the end of March, and first tomatoes are to be sold at city shops at the beginning of April.


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