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Damaged buildings in 58 settlements of 7 districts

Buildings in 58 settlements of 7 districts of Mogilev region were damaged yesterday by windsquall; many villages and townships were de-energized. Besides, many roofs were damaged.

32 buildings were damaged in Bykhov district, 20 – in Kirov district, 19 – in Klichev district, 56 – in Mogilev district, 51 – in Slavgorod district, 1 – in Chaussy district, 21 – in Shklov district, - the press-secretary of Mogilev regional department of MES Jury Metlitski told the correspondent of the site. Roofs of 169 buildings of agroindustrial complex, of 30 dwelling houses (3 of them have already been repaired) and 1 village palace of culture were damaged.

The storm also damaged carcass of one hutch of a grain dryer at “Antonovka” agroindustrial complex, Golovachevo village, Chaussy district. 120 tons of wheat harvested this year poured out, and later on was transported to granary. After reconstruction two other hutches will be used to dry grain.

According to Jury Metlitski, rescues were called for 26 times during 24 hours; 18 calls concerned technical assistance, 8 – fires, including 4 fires that had started because of the lightning. Thus, at about 11 p.m. lightning set on fire a country house at Kolbcha village (Klichev district). Luckily, the fire was noticed by acting head of №13 emergency post (Klichev district) Dmitry Mikhnenok, staying at his relatives’. Dmitry Mikhnenok informed rescues, then he got into the burning house and took a 90-year woman out of the fire, thus saving her life.

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