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"The Dnepr line"

June, 22 there is a premier of a new feature film"The Dnepr line" by the National film studio "Belarusfilm". The film is shown within the cinema action "Cinema Chronicle of a Heroic Deed". The action is dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Belarus liberation from Fascists invaders. The film is on at the "Rodina" cinema, the performance begins at 15.30. The information is provided by the repertoire department of the state enterprise "Kinovideoprokat".

The director of the film is Denis Skvortsov. "Shield of Motherland" (2007) is his previous film about the Army. In 2007 the literary script written by the Honored Artist of Belarus, art director of the Belarusian Army Drama Theatre, playwright Aleksey Dudarev won a film script contest arranged by the National film studio "Belarusfilm".

The film is based on real events - heroic defence of the city of Mogilev. The action takes place at the beginning of the Great Patriotic War when the Fascists Army were moving on the territory of the Soviet Union. The units of the Soviet Army on the Dnepr line were ordered to fight to the last ditch. The city of Mogilev, Buinichi field hold the defence for a long time. Mogilev became a kind of Brest Hero Fortress.

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