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Dont leave criminals a chance!

Over 6 months of 2009 in Mogilevregion there were 98 car thefts and driving aways registered. The correspondent of the site learnt about it at the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the State Auto Inspection Office of Mogilev Region Executive Committee.

Driving away and car theft are the most widespread crimes for today, specialists noted. For the most people an automobile is a very expensive thing to have. That's why it is a great tragedy when somebody's car is stolen or driven away.

Very often car owners provoke crimes. Unlocked cars, precious things at the back seat of the car, electrical equipment of the car - these are the main causes leading to crimes. Mogilevcitizens often leave their cars parked in the residential areas at night. We shouldn't leave any chances for criminals. "Keep your cars in the garages equipped with alarm systems or leave cars at the guarded parking space," - specialists advise.

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