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The dove of the peace is coming from Tula to Mogilev

Mogilev is the next point of “The dove of the peace” statuette’s journey. Mogilev will get it from Tula (Russian Federation) on the 4th of March. The Ideology Department of Mogilev Administration informed.

A plastic statuette of a dove carrying an olive-branch is covered with gold. A life-sized statuette was created by a German artist and sculptor R. Hellinger at the end of 2008 to celebrate the 60-th anniversary of Human Rights Declaration.

There is a reason for the statuette’s arrival. In November 2008 Mogilev celebrated the 10-th anniversary of the sworn brotherhood agreement between Mogilev and Tula. That’s why Mogilev became the next city for “The dove of the peace” statuette to arrive. The letter by Doctor R.Kubon, the member of “Mayors of the Peace” association, the route diary with memorable photos and wishes will also arrive here.

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