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Each district of Mogilev region to establish agriecotourism sites in 2009

Each district of Mogilev region is to establish agriecotourism sites in 2009, - Valery Malashko, deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee, told today at training seminar “Local strategies of sustainable development and ecological tourist routs in Belarusian regions: Mogilev region”.

The seminar was conducted within the frameworks of realization agenda “Sustainable development at local level” of the joint project of EC and United Nations Development Programme “Supporting environment and sustainable development in the Republic of Belarus”.

According to Valery Malashko, it’s a pity, but agriecotourism hasn’t been developed in the half of districts of the region yet. It means the need for supporting worthy public and personal initiatives in that field, and developing strategies of sustainable development in each district. According to advisers and experts of the project, realization of strategies of sustainable development doesn’t need much investment, but interesting ideas and desire to work in this field.

Today foreign guests are much more interested in peculiarities of Belarusian history and culture, its folk traditions, riches and variety of nature, than in resting at 5-stars hotels. And each Belarusian region has everything necessary to create such kind of rest.

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