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Each fifth resident of Mogilev region to be above able-bodied age

International Day of the Elderly is celebrated today. Aging is the common tendency of changes within age composition of Mogilev region population. According to the data of the central statistical department of Mogilev region, the share of the people above 65 years old makes up 13.8% of the total population, and that of above able-bodied age (60 and above for men and 55 and above for women) makes up 21.6% (243 000 people) of the total population by 1 September, 2009.

71.5% of pensioners is made of women. There are 2504 women per each 1000 of men among people above able-bodied age. Among those at the age of 60-64 there are 1315 women, while at the age of 75-79 years old – 2363 women, and at the age of 80-84 years old – 3047.
It is estimated that much more women live up to reach the advanced age. The prognosed duration of life in the region makes up 69.7 years: 63.9 years among men, and 75.8 years among women.
In Mogilev region there are 2520 people above 90 years old, and 54 people – above 100 years old.

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