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Early voting of the Presidential elections begins on December, 14

Early voting of the Presidential elections begins on December, 14. The information is provided by the Central Committee for Elections and Referendums.

At 10 am Belarus opens over 6 thousand voting stations. During the days of early voting they will work till 19.00 with an hour break from 14.00 till 16.00. Early voting makes it possible to take part in the election for those who are not able to come to the voting stations on December, 19. To get a voting bulletin a citizen should provide his/her passport. Early voting is not allowed outside voting stations.

Voting from home is possible only on December, 19. It is also impossible to vote before December, 19 at the voting stations located at sanatoriums, preventoriums, rest homes, hospitals and other therapeutic establishments. Voters fill in the voting bulletins themselves. If they are not able to do it because of health problems they can trust it to the other person excluding members of the election committee, Presidential candidates, their authorized representatives, lookouts and Mass Media representatives.

Openness of this Presidential elections campaign is guaranteed by special measures. On the first day of early elections the chief of the Presidential elections committee will examine and seal ballot boxes in the presence of two thirds of the committee. Every day of early voting at 14.00 and 19.00 the chief of the Presidential elections committee or his deputies will glue up a split of the ballot boxes with a list of paper, will sign the list of paper. Before the beginning of early voting at 10.00 and 16.00 splits will be open again. Lookouts and Mass Media representatives have rights to watch the process. When early voting is not in process ballot boxes are kept in safes.

Every day voting stations will provide a copy of the protocol including information on the number of voting bulletins that the committee has got, the number of unused bulletins, the number of ruined bulletins, the number of citizens who have received bulletins. Early voting dates are from December, 14 till December, 18. December, 19 Belarus holds the Presidential Elections.

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