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On March 28th, 8.30 - 9.30 pmlocal time, more than 1000 cities across the planet will visibly demonstrate their growing concern over climate change by turning off their lights for 1 hour.

Huge enterprises of Belaruswill take part in the action. Natalia Porechina, the coordinator routine of the action in the Republicof Belarus, the leader of the working party "Belarusand Climate" of the Ecology Association "Zelenaia Set" told about it.
The action will also be supported by the Department of Energy Efficiency of Gosstandart (State Standard) of Belarus. The Ministry for Forestry, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Architecture and Construction, the Ministry for Housing and Utilities, the Ministry of Economy, the State committee for Science and Technology, the State Boundary Committee will take part in the action too.


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