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Education should teach children to economize

Today Mogilev has hosted seminar on “Fulfilling of the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 3 from June, 14, 2007, “Economy and Saving – the main factors of country’s economic security” in Mogilev region system of education”. It took place at Mogilev AgriForestTechnical College named after K.P. Orlovsky. The results of “Energy Marathon” Republican Contest on energy saving among the pupils and teachers were an-nounced at the college.

It was not an accident that the two arrangements were combined – deputy chairman of Mogilev regional executive committee Valery Malashko stated. We are to teach to economize since the very childhood. “Our future depends on how our children will have acquired the sense of economy and saving. School organise special op-tional classes in household saving”.

In 2008 education department of Mogilev regional executive committee succeed in fulfilling the prognosed index of energy saving due to purposeful introduction of energy saving measures at all educational establishments of the region – deputy chairman of education department of Mogilev regional executive committee Victor Buryacko remarked at the seminar.

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