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"Elektrodvigatel" plant launches manufacturing of high productivity squeezer

"Elektrodvigatel" plant (Mogilev) launched manufacturing of a new squeezer "Zhuravinka". It is a model of high productivity (Maxi), Sergei Kuzmenkov, the head of the marketing department informed.

A new model of a squeezer is based on the existed popular model "Zhuravinka". A new squeezer has an improved design and a double productivity. An old model is able to process 400 gr of fresh fruit and vegetables a minute. A new one manages 800 gr a minute or 50 kg an hour. Work optimization led to higher capacity. A new model uses a power of 120 Vat and allows to get at least 92% productivity.

The model is manufactured on the existing squeezer producing line which was modernized. The plant has already produced the first consignment of squeezers. Very soon new squeezers can be found at Belarusshops. There is a target to produce 10 thousand squeezers by the end of the year. They will be sold in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

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