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National Unitary Company Elektrodvigatel (Mogilev) has increased the share of new products in the total output, Vice Director Fedor Trofimovich told Interfax.


In January September new kinds of goods accounted for 24.6% of the total output, in September alone - 38%, the source specified.


Over the period in question the company produced 231,700 electric engines, or 9.4% up on the year. Elektrodvigatel exported 153,000 engines (including 143,800 shipped to the Russian Federation).


The total value of exports reached $24 million, or 42.3% up.


exports to the Russian Federation by 40% in January-July 2007, a company representative told Interfax.

Elektrodvigatel produces various modifications of three-phase motors with short-circuited rotors AIR series with the capacity ranging from 0.12 to 15 kW, mono-phase motors with short-circuited rotors AIR series with the capacity ranging from 0.12 to 2.2 kW as well as three-phase and mono-phase asynchronous motors AIS series. The motors meet CENELEC (DIN) standards and are meant for the European Union market.

The company also offers explosion-protected motors 4BP, 4BC series in high-strength aluminium shells for the petrochemical and gas industries. The motors' explosion protection level is 1ExdeII BT4. The fulcrum pin height of the motors equals 100 and 112 mm, wattage - 1.5-5.5 kW and 5-7.5 kW.

Elektrodvigatel also produces electric acoustical signal devices for alarm systems and a wide range of consumer goods, including electric juicers, polyphonic door bells, electric sharpeners, home desktop machine tools, household electric pumps, and other household goods.

All the certifiable products meet requirements of the Russian and Belarusian safety standards and ISO 9000-2000.

Elektrodvigatel plant was founded in 1945.

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