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By the end of 2009 Newsprint Plant in Shklov will reach the target capacity

By December 2009 Newsprint Plant in Shklov will reach the target capacity. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Sergey Sidorsky told about it to the journalist during his visit to Shklov. In his words, the enterprise has already achieved positive results. Its daily production capacity makes 1.8 thousand tons of newsprint. It is 70% of the target. The head of the state set the company a task of maximum production capacity by January,1 2010. In September the company produced 60% of the task.

According to Sergey Sidorsky, the plant was provided with modern equipment from France, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, and Finland. Some components of the equipment by "Petrozavodskmash" came out of service. Even "Siemens" accepted its defects. At the moment the representatives of these companies are changing defective aggregates and units.

"Our idea is to launch the production of different types of paper including enamel paper. There is also a problem of lack of highly qualified specialists at the plant. The employees from Shklov need some time to become specialists in this field and to understand all technological processes. Petrozavodsk specialists are to supply us with maximum capacity equipment. Our Russian colleagues have signed a contract with "Bum techno" Company which specializes in launching the equipment of the kind. 100% capacity production is supposed to be achieved by the end of the year. The machine is already working. In September profitability made 20% with production capacity being 60%", - the Prime Minister noted.

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