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Enterprises established in district towns since January,1 2007 transferred to local budgets Br2.2 bln

Enterprises which have been established in district towns and rural settlements since January,1 2007 have transferred to local budgets Br2.2 bln. The sum includes taxes (excluding a value added tax) and dues. The information is provided by the Finance Department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.

According to specialists, it makes 3.13 % of basic budgets incomes (excluding a value added tax and means from the republican and local budgets). In the first quarter of 2009 this figure made Br1,2 bln (1,81%).

This year there is a target to create 171 enterprises and to get a 5% income to local budgets.

January-March 2010 new enterprises transferred over 5% to local budgets of Kirovsk, Chausy, Cherikov districts.

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