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Festive admission to Pioneers

Mogilev district hosts regional seminar “Organisation of civic- patriotic education of youth in pioneer units of Mogilev district”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of liberating Belarus from German-fascist invaders.

According to the head of youth department of Mogilev regional executive committee Irina Dorofeeva, the main aim of the seminar is exchanging experience, studying methods of civic- patriotic education and cooperation of youth and veteran organisations by the example of Dashkavka and Kadino schools of Mogilev district.

The seminar started with festive Pioneers’ meeting at “Buinichi field” in Mogilev where the best pupils of Mogilev district schools were admitted to Pioneers and Octyabrists and awarded with pioneer ties and octyabrist badges by the Great Patriotic War veterans, representatives of Mogilev regional and district executive committees, representatives of public youth organisations.

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