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The first hypermarket (BelVillesden FV) opened in Mogilev on Friday, Interfax learnt from vice chief of the trade n service department of the regional administration Oleg Shershnev.

In his words, the aforementioned foreign company started to build the hypermarket in November 2005.

The trade center occupies an area of 3.8 hectares. It contains a number of parking lot (460 cars) and the hypermarket itself (a two-storey building, total area 10,804 square metres, trade space 5,540 square metres).

The hypermarket incorporates a self-service trade hall, a number of shops, several warehouses n administration offices, and a fast-food restaurant.

The trade hall is equipped with heating systems, air conditioners, running water, sewage, communication devices, a local computer network and fire alarm.

The hypermarket has a bakery, a culinary shop and a confectionary shop.

Customers have at their disposal over 45,000 kinds of goods, including commodities made by leaders of the national industry, such as Horizont, Atlant, Vityaz, Gefest, Elema, Kommunarka, etc.

The hypermarket occupies 336 people.



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