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Five districts of Mogilevregion have average productivity of crops of over 40 centners per hectare

Average crops productivity in Bobruisk, Gorky, Kirovsk, Mogilev, and Shklov districts of Mogilevregion is over 40 centners per hectare. Last year only three districts achieved such results (Gorky, Mogilevand Shklov districts). If weather conditions are favorable the farms of the region (they are well technically equipped) will complete harvesting by August, 20. Northern districts will complete harvesting work by August,25.

This year the farms have been provided with 220 new combine harvesters by Gomselmash plant (Belarus). Very soon 28 powerful combine harvesters by Russian manufactures will be delivered. This season a working load for a combine harvester is 192 hectares, last year it was 230 hectares.

There are no problems with crops drying. By the beginning of the harvesting season 20 new corn dryers were launched. By today the region has harvested 139 284 hectares of crops and leguminous (excluding maize) sown areas. It is 42% of the target. The crops productivity is 38.9 centners per hectares. 542 000 tons of crops has been harvested.

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