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The fleet of combine harvesters is 95% ready for action

In Mogilev region the fleet of combine harvesters is 95% ready for action, the deputy chief of the Committee for Agribusiness and Food Supply told.

All repairing works have been completed, now the farms are tuning the machinery. And in a week, it depends on the weather, on the territory of 67 017 hectares winter rape harvesting begins. 472 combine harvesters will be involved in the process. It will take 9 days to complete harvesting.

In Vasily Sysoev's words, mass harvesting begins on July,20 and involves 1755 combine harvesters by different brands. 250 new harvesters will be provided in the nearest time. The fleet of combine harvesters was 45% renovated. It will help to complete crop harvesting in 18 working days. Harvesting load for every harvester will make about 211 hectares. The farms have the target to harvest 1,4 mln tons of crop.


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