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The football team from Minsk region won the cup of "Leather Ball" championship

The team "Olimpiets" from Kletsk (Minsk region) won the cup of "Leather Ball" championship. This year a popular football competition among children and teenagers was held with the prizes by the President Sports Club and took place at Mogilev Central Sports Complex.
With the score 3:0football players from Minskregion defeated the team from Baranovichi. The third place was taken by the team "Yunost" from Lepel (Vitebsk region). They beat "Orlenok" from Zelvy (Grodno region) with the score 2:0.

At the final championship ceremony the winners were awarded with Cups of the tournament, diplomas, medals, special team and personal prizes. All the participants of the competition got memorable souvenirs with symbols of the tournament, diplomas and prizes.

The Final Republican Football Championship among children and teenagers "Leather Ball" is an annual event arranged by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Education, the RepublicanStateand Public Organization "President Sports Club", BRSM, and the association "Belarusian Football Federation". This year the competition is devoted to the 45th anniversary of the contests. 24,000 young football players and 1,695 yard football teams from all Belarushave taken part in the competition.


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