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Forced quarantine

Children who got health rehabilitation services abroad and came back after August,23 have to be in quarantine to avoid a possible spread of the flu А/H1N1. The information is provided by Farid Berrashed, a press secretary of the Education Department of Mogilev Region Executive Committee.

These measures concern the organized groups of children who went to get health rehabilitation services abroad under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and those children who came back from Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, and Austria.
The term of the quarantine is 7 days. During these term the children will be under medical observation and if there is a necessity they will not go to school on September,1. Their parents are recommended to minimize children's contacts with other children.

In Farid Berrashed's words, the classes on September,1 and on the following days are not canceled.

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